Our Approach

We often move through our lives like racehorses on a track, blinders on and hurrying ahead. We fall into routines, busy ourselves with work and loved ones, and tend to avoid looking at the “big picture” in all but the most dramatic moments.

A wealth manager looks at the big picture, and we pride ourselves on our ongoing process. In our practice, we make a distinction between tactical and strategic decisions. Tactical decisions are made in a moment to address current circumstances; strategic decisions are made with the present in sight and the future in mind.

Without the guidance of a financial professional, many people make tactical decisions. They invest their year-end bonus in the hottest stock or a nicer car. We will add a strategic lens to your decisions. We might look at your total financial picture and realize that you should probably be investing in long-term care, or that you would really benefit from putting money aside for retirement.

The basis of strategic thinking is planning. And planning is what we do best. Many people come to our office expecting a focus on product selection—what fund is best for them, which annuity should they buy, what life insurance policy has the cheapest riders—but we are not selling any particular investment vehicle. We provide premier service. We provide strategic thinking. We recommend a well-thought-out plan. Our product selection is carefully made, but it is always secondary to the plan. Our practice is stronger because of our big-picture approach.

A financial plan revolves around an investor, zeroes in on personal financial circumstances, and aims at resolving complexities. It is never cookie-cutter. Its value lies in its intimate relationship to the investor. We cannot develop a plan without really understanding you. It is essential that you communicate your financial goals and needs. We will help you identify your needs, and we will listen closely as you tell us your goals.

As an independent wealth consultant, we are under no obligation—or influence—to sell any particular product. You can be assured that any product we ultimately select, and any services we recommend, are chosen in your best interest.

Before we select products and build a plan, we must establish your short- and long-term financial goals and needs. Our role is to help you prioritize these aims so that we can help protect, preserve, and transfer your wealth in accordance with your priorities.

Our job is to help you pursue your goals for today and tomorrow. We know that as time moves on, your financial goals and objectives may change. You can be assured that our financial plan for you will evolve simultaneously.